The Latest Trend In Economic Times

Three basics which are the structure of the business turning the business into something that’s self sufficient for itself so it makes the money and teaching people how to make that business how to structure it so that it’s salable in other words they can make it as big or as small as they want so what we’re going to be doing today or what I’m going to be doing with you is I’m going to be talking a little bit about those s’s the structure self sufficiency and availability.

I’m going to be giving you more information about what those particular words mean and what that means to you is in business owner we’re also going to explore what I call the two great myths and these are two basic myths that are out there they’re being perpetuated by many people who are in the business to help individuals such as yourself who are thinking of starting a business or who already have a business in a little bit of trouble and these two myths really get in the way of you being able to have a business that thrives we’re going to talk a little bit about how these myths hold people back and some.

The things that prevent people from starting businesses because there’s a lot more people want to start businesses than actually do and there’s some real good reasons for that which we’ll get into and I also want to give you an example we may have time for two but at least one example of what I mean by creating a business that has structures self sufficiency and availability and how that differs from the normal conventional type of business but before we get started when we jump into that.

I want to tell you a very short story there was a young farmer he wasn’t actually a farmer when he got started he was a young fellow and he wanted to start up a hobby farm and he moved from the city out to the country and he’d spent most of his money getting his hobby farm set up getting the getting the house all refurbished and all this kind of stuff and he haven’t started.