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we would any other  banner but what’s really cool and what  we’re starting to make changes to and  hopefully this banner has it applied I’m  not sure if it does I’m gonna go over  here and click on the move button and  you’ll notice when I click that we used  to just get.

denver events

The little move button right  to drag and drop but you now see a cycle  button and what this does is when we  click it let’s see nope don’t have one here oh so you’ll Denver events notice that the text  change color here when I click that but  what this is doing and we’re just  working through the banner so not all of  them have the functionality just quite  yet but again over the the coming weeks  hopefully maybe just.

A week or so we’ll  have this on all of these guys and what  it does is if I were  type text in here like I did jumpy jumps and I want it centered let’s say well I  can denver events click the cycle button and it’s  gonna cycle different layouts so maybe  the second time I click it the text will  be centered on the screen here and the  the third time I click it it’ll move the  text over here and the fourth time I  click it it’ll make the text.

You know  twice as large maybe we’re denver events adding a lot  of different layouts that you can cycle  through within the different banners and  within the different modules or building  blocks so that’s coming soon it’s  already in some of these guys I’m just  not sure which ones yet as.

You can see  we have a lot of them here and our deb  denver events team is plowing through that amongst  other things so keep an eye out for that  when you’re making edits it’s really  cool it’s new and it makes things a lot  easier and it gives you a lot more  flexibility with your layouts okay I  think that’s it for this session thank  you guys for joining me and we’ll talk another responsive tutorial video from